Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hello! My first post

Welcome my fellow football lovers from across the globe! This is a brand new blog about the beautiful game and this is the very first post on Stop Talking Nonsense. To briefly introduce myself: I live in Sydney, Australia but I am obsessed with football and love to ramble on about it so I decided I needed to blog about the world game- from the craziness of Balotelli to the tactical intricacies of Barcelona. And everything in between. Just to be clear, I support Chelsea. After Chelsea's heroic win four days ago in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, I decided it would be a great time to start posting my thoughts to the scary world out there. I am here to write about interesting things-not merely to give you match reports and tell you the possession and shots on goal statistics from the previous game. So I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the beautiful game. Don't be afraid to leave your views and comments as well. And I never talk nonsense!

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